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Getting the Job Done

StudioBDC provides our clients a work path we call the DigiFlow™

We have developed this cost-effective toolset for producing original content, leveraging relevant technology solutions for sharing and distribution.

Each step of the process is scheduled for client review and approval, guaranteeing performance and accountability – all delivered to the highest quality standards.

Brian McClure

Executive Producer

Founder Brian McClure brings our clients many years experience directing creative content and managing communication operations. He offers an extensive background in music, film, web, publishing, advertising, graphic design, and multimedia, while remaining expert in business development, negotiations, team-building and achieving client goals. The passion and focus is on creative direction, branding, live events and entertainment.


Jamie Sides

Director of Photography

At the heart of the creative look at StudioBDC, cinematographer Jamie Sides offers our clients successful experience shooting film and video for studios and national networks such as Showtime, Paramount, Disney, Warner Brothers, National Geographic, and PBS. His studio productions include all the networks, including A&E, Discovery, TLC, E!, HGTV, DIY, CNN, NHK, BBC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, AP, CBC, ESPN, MSG, and MTV. Jamie’s TV credits include CBS: NCIS, Americas Most Wanted, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood and for series such as Showtime: Inside the NFL, A&E: Biography, NBC: Nashville Star, TLC: Little Couple, Spike TV: Pros v Joes, E!: THS  DIY: Tech Out My House & Finders Fixers, Weather Channel: Forecast Earth and It Could Happen Tomorrow.

Glenn Walton

Senior Editor

Glenn believes that most editors can trace their roots back to music. Naturally, this phenomenal editor and motion graphic artist is also a seasoned drummer and music producer. His career progression through linear editing, early Avid days, and now the host of production tools from Adobe and Apple, has ultimately created his musical palette. A nationally ranked mountain biker and telemark skier, Glenn is always in motion, even when he's still. His work includes editing promos, opens, and long-form projects for TBS, PBS, History Channel, Fox Health Network, WB, and others. Still known to lay down some tasty beats when the need arises, perhaps Glenn's great attitude is the result of doing the things he loves, all the time.

Buchanan_headshot vertical.jpg

Stacy Buchanan

Account Director & Communication Strategist

A classically trained marketing strategist who’s not afraid to roll up her sleeves, Stacy collaborates with clients and partners to deliver communications that support organizational objectives.  She asks questions that uncover insights, facilitates information sharing for streamlined project flow and distills complexity like a boss.  Stacy quickly builds enduring relationships and leverages her network to get results for clients.

Caitlyn McClure

Social Media Content

Trained at George Washington University with a masters in online publishing, Caitlyn is responsible for creating and distributing content for our clients, from weekly online blogs and newsletters to op-eds in major publications. A persuasive and skilled writer, Caty creates and develops online social media presence for our clients and develops online solutions for creating organizational communications.

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 12.09.02

Kenneth Parker

Kenneth Parker

Editorial Director

Because story is everything, Ken provides our clients messaging development, production, budget allocation, design, promotion, marketing and management across all media platforms from web, mobile apps, podcasts, radio, and television, to location-based interactive media and large-format cinema presentations.


Kelly Mears

Web Technology and Content

Kelly has a brilliant capability for sorting out and simplifying difficult coding problems. He offers clients realistic suggestions based on many years of experience and in turn makes everyone in his orbit smarter. He has a passion for all things technical and is able to surprise and delight StudioBDC clients with solid and often stunning artistic expression.


Kenneth Parker


The Faces Behind the Magic

Jay Mallin

Director of Photography

Known best for his award winning film making and photography for the Sierra Club, Jay is based in Silver Spring, Maryland, and serves our clients in the media and a variety of NGO's: nonprofits, labor movement organizations, colleges and universities. His mastery with cameras, lenses and lighting is only surpassed by his abilities at organic storytelling and creating memorable images.


John Grove II

Director of Photography

Primarily a narrative cinematographer, John has been at the helm of features as well as music videos, TV shows, documentaries and commercials. He has worked on independent productions and with major studios and television networks such as Discovery Channel, Food Network,  BET, PBS,TBS,CBS, Bravo and Nickelodeon. Today, John is based in hometown Baltimore, Maryland. When not working as a cinematographer, John is usually on his grind working as a gaffer or camera op for television/Netflix shows such as "The Keepers," "Restaurant Divided," "Cupcake Wars," "America's Most Wanted," and "Stories of the ER."


Steve Van Dam

Sound Design & Remote Engineer

You can hear Steve’s work in all of StudioBDC’s productions, as well as feature films starring Adam Sandler, Kirsten Dunst, Denise Richards and Sylvester Stallone. Steve has excelled in virtually every aspect of creating and performing music. Co-writer of the hit single "Hooch," he is also a seasoned producer, arranger, engineer, mixer, and sound designer. As a music director and performer, he has played thousands of shows around the world, with artists such as Dave Matthews Band, Hootie and the Blowfish, and his own band, Everything. Recent television advertising featuring his compositions and recording chops include spots for Allstate, AXE, ESPN, 
Infiniti, Mitsubishi, NASCAR, Nokia, Quiznos, Suziki and Visa. 

steve fightnight.jpg

Hugo Simoes

Live Broadcast Director

Hugo leads the team for live event production and broadcast for our clients, allowing StudioBDC to be the area's most successful live stream provider, covering events, conferences, interviews, documentaries and more. With Hugo at the helm, our live webcasting services allow clients to reach huge audiences for their events. Hugo guides our on-location transmissions delivery for satellite, fiber, microwave, IP, and a full DSNG suite of services, while keeping our fully equipped trucks available across the country and around the world.


Alec Gary


As a local Richmond filmmaker, Alec is a terrific motion photographer with an eye for capturing the best in people and places. Alec has completed several short films and documentaries for our corporate and real estate clients and specializes in travel documentary styles. Part jazz, hip hop, and accomplished musician, he's all professional when it comes to getting the job done. Always willing to go the extra mile, his specialty is gaining the trust of our clients, delivering work of which we can all be proud.

David Muessig

Lead Camera

David is known for his willingness to embrace new techniques and technologies, supporting the continued success of the studio’s productions and the growth of our creative potential. His work on the road with StudioBDC is especially productive as we criss-cross the country, working in environments where his flexibility and can-do approach really shines.

Grey Adkins

Key Grip

Master of all trades and beloved by crews around the world, Grey looks after set building, and works closely with our camera and lighting department providing intelligent solutions and techniques, especially as we tend to mount gear to dollies, cranes and other unusual positions. A stint in the Navy no doubt informs his dogged determination that all things sail smoothly.

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 1.17.11 PM.png

Leah Sarah Basset

Hair and Makeup Artist

Leah is an up and coming visual artist out of Baltimore, originally from Cape Cod and the Berkshires of Massachusetts. She attended Corcoran School of Art and Design and has a studio in San Diego, CA. Our clients appreciate her special skills and attention and making them look their onscreen best.

Leah3 copy.jpg

Nicole Gore

Hair and Makeup Artist

Hair and Makeup Artist

Sharing her tremendous experience over many years from Richmond to Miami and Washington DC, Nicole has earned sponsorship deals with both Makeup Forever and MAC Cosmetics, Nicole is expert working closely with onscreen clients to feel at ease and look their natural best before and during their shoot. In fact, more than one client has left the set proudly proclaiming “I’m taking this look out on the town!”


Yuu Utoo

Yuu Utoo is a highly sought after illustrator, artist and animator based in Tokyo Japan. She specializes in digital illustration techniques designed to tell stories through animated movements and unique time-line configurations. “My designs are about the nice things in the world, I remain curious about all things human,” she says.

Illustration and Animation


Our technology and design staff is dedicated to fulfilling the StudioBDC mission of delivering exceptional and original work. We’re a family of creative minds, innovators, and professionals coming from a variety of backgrounds who are bound by an undying passion for art and communication. When it comes to website programming, mobile apps and the technologies to drive our storytelling, it takes a special combination of skills and expertise to get the job done right the first time.

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