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StudioBDC is a growing media production company always seeking strong partners and professional digital content makers. We're locked and loaded for now, but always room for more!

Working in film and production requires special talents and skills. It took us many years and tremendous effort to build up the team we have today at StudioBDC. If you’ve got what it takes, we’d love to hear from you. We’re recruiting individuals with unique talent, creative vision, and a great work ethic to join us for the future. If you’re passionate about the job and are constantly imagining ways to add creativity to your work, we’d like to meet you.


Richmond, VA | Washington, DC

Seeking a talented video editor to assemble recorded footage into a finished project that matches director’s vision.


  • Manipulate and edit digital cinema pieces in a way that is invisible to the audience

  • Understand a creative brief to grasp production team’s needs and specifications

  • Review shooting script and raw material to create a shot decision list based on scenes’ value and contribution to continuity

  • Trim footage segments and put together the sequence of the film

  • Integrate music, dialogues, graphics and effects

  • Create rough and final cuts

  • Ensure logical sequencing and smooth running

  • Consult with stakeholders from production to post-production process

  • Continuously discover and implement new editing technologies and industry’s best practices to maximize efficiency.


  • Proven work experience as a video editor

  • Solid experience with digital technology and editing software packages (e.g. Avid Media Composer, Lightworks, Premiere, After Effects and Final Cut)

  • Demonstrable video editing ability with a strong portfolio

  • Thorough knowledge of timing, motivation and continuity

  • Familiarity with special effects, 3D and compositing

  • Creative mind and storytelling skills

  • BS degree in film studies, cinematography or related field


Richmond, VA | Washington, DC

We are looking for a clear thinking Camera Operator for capturing capture high quality, high asthetic images for digital film or Internet broadcasting. You’ll be an integral part of our mission to produce and distribute information and striking visuals to the world.

A camera operator has a steady hand and quick reflexes. We want you to be comfortable around expensive and delicate equipment as well as able to concentrate and attend to detail. If you’re passionate about the job and can think of ways to add creativity to your work, we’d like to meet you.


  • Work with directors to determine all aspects of shots

  • Provide practical and creative input to scene planning

  • Select, assemble and position equipment (cameras, stands, software etc.)

  • Prepare cameras and test angles or camera movements

  • Shoot scenes according to requirements

  • Capture quality footage from a fixed or moving position

  • Collaborate with make up artists, lighting and sound staff to produce the best final effect

  • Resolve technical or practical issues

  • Edit footage as needed


  • Proven experience as camera operator

  • Experience operating relevant equipment (cameras, cranes etc.)

  • Excellent theoretical knowledge of filming and capturing footage

  • Ability to understand and follow camera scripts

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Ability to think and act quickly

  • A team player

  • Attention to detail

  • Physical strength to carry heavy equipment and stamina

  • Excellent color vision and hearing

  • Degree in film, media or relevant field is a plus


Richmond, VA | Washington, DC

Seeking a competent Sound Engineer to record, mix and edit music and audio for our productions. You will set up and operate sound equipment in live events, recordings or post-productions to ensure the best acoustic result.

Sound engineers are deft around sensitive audio equipment and experts in using them to produce quality sound. We expect you to be knowledgeable about different audio recording and editing techniques. If you also possess a creative mind and a good ear we’d like to hear from you.


  • Follow instructions and details from directors, producers etc

  • Set up and test sound equipment before events, broadcasts or recordings

  • Record, edit and mix audio tracks (instruments, vocals etc.)

  • Enhance sound quality and add sound effects to recordings

  • Work with video editors to synchronize video with audio tracks

  • Play backing tracks and special effects during live events

  • Collaborate with lighting, camera and other people

  • Create and maintain sound libraries

  • Resolve technical issues when they arise


  • Proven experience as sound engineer

  • Technical expertise in sound engineering techniques (e.g. equalization)

  • Experience with sound editing and recording equipment (e.g. mixing consoles)

  • Working knowledge of recording software and hardware (e.g. Pro Tools)

  • A team player with excellent communication skills

  • Creativity and attention to detail

  • Problem-solving abilities

  • Excellent hearing and manual dexterity

  • High school diploma; Degree in audio/sound engineering or related field is a plus

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