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Digital Crafts for Communications

StudioBDC is a full-service creative firm specializing in custom communications for all. If you’re sure you want to produce something sensational but don’t know where to go from there, we are fully loaded to drive the whole production process in-house: from big picture conceptualization, script and songwriting, to character design and animation. When it makes sense, StudioBDC offers our services a la carte, so if you have existing characters, songs, or messaging, we can parachute into any part of the creative process and produce high-quality work that is seamlessly consistent with your brand.


Video | Digital Cinema

Award Winning

StudioBDC offers clients a team of seasoned film and television professionals. Script to screen, and for everything in between, StudioBDC handles logistics, permits, transportation, travel and technology – booking local crews and talent when necessary, but always supplying our own core team to manage the process and create the magic.


Audio | Sound

Listen Up

From recording simple interviews to writing and composing complex soundscaping and musical soundtracks, StudioBDC delivers every aspect of sound reproduction. Our team includes audio engineers, field specialists, producers, arrangers, mixers and sound designers. Custom soundtracks are available from our roster of composers and music pros.


Whiteboard | Explainer Videos

Animated "Sticky" Content

From custom illustrations, drawings, maps, and animated characters, to corporate whiteboards (or ‘explainer videos’), our professionals include award-winning artists and illustrators from around the world.


Motion Graphics

Handmade Magic

It’s the motion of the notion that carries the day for many of our multimedia projects. Bringing content to life, using carefully crafted segments of digital footage or animation creates the illusion of motion or rotation. 



Images Galore

Our talented group of photographers offers clients a full-service approach to scouting, creating, gathering and shooting any still images that can be created with a camera. Services often include site selection, travel, photography and image fulfillment.


Graphic Design | Identity

Memorable and Remarkable

New or refreshed graphic identity components communicate the purpose, spirit and mission of the organization, its people and product offerings. Typically included are brand standards guiding effective usage of the new graphics and identity components.


Stock Video | Rights Management

How We Can Help

From consultation, research, file management and legal acquisition of photographic, video and/or graphic imagery, a stock “image bank” is recommend, specifying the research and acquisition for usage rights for an appropriate number of images and video clips.



Data Deluxe

Animated visual representations of information, data or knowledge present concepts quickly and clearly. Typical examples include maps, charts, animated testimonials, pull quotes, time-lapse, and statistics.


Livestream | Events

Be There Now

On demand, from large crowds to intimate presentations and meetings, and delivered real-time from anywhere in the word, livestreaming becomes a successful option for reaching audiences across the Internet. Our team sets up and shoots, of course, managing the process from gavel to gavel, and beyond!


Web | Interactive

Point and Click Genius

StudioBDC offers full-service web design and programming, including consultation and strategy for identifying the most-needed features for achieving results with intended online audiences. From full-on sites and platforms, to highly focused mobile applications, our services highlight interface design, authoring, coding and real SEO.


Focus Groups | Surveys

Know What You Know Better

For client-side implementation, StudioBDC utilizes online focus groups for measuring audience perspectives and priorities as a form of highly specialized consumer research during 'discovery.' 

Social Media.png

Social Media

Talk the Talk

StudioBDC provides oversight, leadership, and strategy to deliver technology for social media, email and online marketing, including ‘referral’ environments for Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Instagram, Virtual Tours and interactive community platforms.


Electronic Templates

Branded Corporate Communications

In addition to traditional print components, StudioBDC provides electronic template versions for the materials with designs and functionalities based on the original designs. StudioBDC has a great deal of experience with these challenges, and makes every effort to insure compatibility.


Mobile Apps

A Thing for That

StudioBDC is currently developing functional and valuable mobile applications for clients reaching this emerging technology marketplace. Our products provide a useful and engaging user experience, surprisingly cost-effective when based on the Digiflow technology and approach to production.

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