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StudioBDC says Hey, RVA!

StudioBDC joins the burgeoning creative communities of Richmond, Virginia, as we open our small but mighty southern outpost inside the famed Marvin Lang Building on West Broad Street.

I couldn't be more pleased with all the ways we’ve been made so welcome, joining long-time colleagues and making new friends all around Richmond, including Steve Van Dam, Peter Fraser, Ansel Olson, Justin Laughter, David Muessig, Matt West, Chris Allen Williams, Macy West and Travis Tucker – plus the powerfully creative crews at MadBox, Overcoast Audio, 37Ideas, and all the other tremendous folks in RVA. We're just glad to be here.

As they say here at Marvin Lang, "We see you, come on in!"

Marvin Lang Building | PHOTO BY ANSEL OLSON

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