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Faster than a speeding bullet, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!

Julia Straka: Super-intern, StudioBDC

The film and production business requires, even under normal circumstances, a plethora of tasks and expertise just to get the work done. From planning and production, scheduling and client management, copywriting, design, filming, editing and fulfillment, there is a whole bunch we have to achieve in order to deliver the sort of experience and final product for which we are famous!

At StudioBDC we are lucky enough to receive assistance in each and every one of these areas. Intern Julia Straka to the rescue!

Now add a global pandemic and financial chaos in the industry, seismic shifts in workplace safety and production protocols, resulting in needing new expertise and agency for those of us out there working across the country to invent and acquire, while devising informed and intelligent ways to keep everyone safe from exposure with potential life and death outcomes.

Not your typical college internship.

"Most summer opportunities for students were cancelled," says Julia. "It was really quite extraordinary that we could even begin to work, online at first, much less on the road, out and about."

As a rising senior majoring in dance and journalism in the School of Arts & Sciences at the University of Richmond, Julia brings StudioBDC a most unique mix of artistic grace and editorial expertise. Really, the basics for successful storytelling.

Beyond that, though, she demonstrates her particular genius at staying calm under fire and problem solving on the fly, often at high rates of speed. Particularly her role as "Safety Coordinator" becomes utterly essential to our effort to establishing and maintaining health security for our crew and our clients. Helping research, establish and then achieve this summer's numerous protocols, documentations and real-life solutions perhaps literally saves our lives.

Of course, good creative work must go on. Julia is a gifted student, mastering our particular brand of social media, copywriting for both marketing and storytelling, and learning software for graphic design, while paying careful attention to providing onsite production assistance during live sessions for filming and recording. Ultimately, Julia recently directed on her own an important film session.

Again, her liberal arts education, and specifically her solid training in dance, theater, and journalism provides a terrific foundation for whatever she desires to achieve.

"The end of my internship will be bittersweet," says Julia. "Already it stings a little to make call sheets for shoots when I know I can't be there. But I'm proud and thankful for how much I learned since the beginning of the summer."

Can't wait to share more with you. Stay tuned for content written, designed and produced by this rising star in the business of communication arts. We too are proud of all the success achieved at StudioBDC by Julia Straka.


Brian McClure is founder and executive producer at StudioBDC, Richmond, VA.

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