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Pop! Goes The Law Firm

Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein & Fox recently commissioned StudioBDC to create more than 40 original paintings celebrating important inventors and their inventions from around the world. The installation serves as a branding and way-finding system for conference rooms and meeting spaces throughout the firm’s iconic headquarters in Washington, D.C. adding vibrancy and visual dialogue to the space.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: New Mexico artist Shelly Johnson (shown at top) created the fantastic over-sized paintings during a series of months from her far-flung studios located in the high desert outside Santa Fe.

Travel today with StudioBDC as we head off the grid to New Mexico, meet the artist, and experience her special brand of inventing artwork, celebrating invention and creativity – hallmarks of the Sterne, Kessler brand.

Warm thanks to rising Director of Photography, David Muessig for trekking with me across some extreme country and magnificent scenery (featuring a distinct lack of paved highways and even a friendly dingo boy dog named Alice), in order to get the shots that get it done. Press play above. You simply must see and hear this.

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