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Art of the Installation

Once Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein & Fox began receiving our recently commissioned original paintings, it was time to begin installation. The series of famous and not-so-famous inventors serves as a branding and way-finding system for conference rooms and meeting spaces throughout the firm’s iconic headquarters in Washington, D.C. adding vibrancy and visual dialogue to the space.

How did we do it? Pure genius, I'm telling you! Press play above and see what you think.

Thanks to the extraordinary talented artist and craftsman Jarrett Ferrier and Jodi Kolker Ferrier from Schwa Design Group, everything went without a hitch. At Sterne Kessler, we thank Rob Burger, Rob Sokohl, Monica Talley and Sophie C. Mohrmann for their enthusiastic participation, dedication and their kind review:

"This unique art project required StudioBDC to research, source, coordinate, and execute a series of art works that followed a certain theme. We were very pleased with the creativity, energy, and resourcefulness Brian McClure and his crew at StudioBDC brought to this project. We could not be happier with the results.” – The Art Committee of Sterne Kessler

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